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Can you imagine how the bathroom of the future will look, feel and perform.  KOHLER New Zealand want you to design the bathroom of the future for a chance to win the KOHLER Future Designer Award 2020.  The futurist design will address sustainability, future lifestyle trends & technology.  KOHLER is looking for a winning concept that reveals what today's young designers foresee in a future bathroom & user lifestyle trends. 

First Price $5,000 cash prize or a week-long trip to Kohler's Shanghai Design Hub 
Runner up $3,000 cash prize or a week-long trip to Kohler's Shanghai Design Hub

The format of the design proposal should be a complete bathroom, but you can focus on one or more elements of the bathroom (basin, bath, tap, toilet etc) within the design if you wish.  However, this must be shown in context - what will the bathroom look like that includes this product?  

There are a number of undeniable drivers that will shape the society of the future.  We would like the key topics below to serve as inspiration to develop your projects:

1. Think sustainability, think the future of better bathrooms.  KOHLER has a long history of supporting water efficiency and sustainability.  With the world becoming more aware of sustainability and environmental issues, we need to commit ourselves to efficiency and ambitious sustainability goals when designing a bathroom or carrying out a remodeling.

2. Think intelligent technology - the bathroom of the future should be guided by innovation and the most advanced technology. 

3. Think culture and lifestyle.  What are the spatial and functional requirements that a bathroom must meet to serve growing cultures and lifestyles.

This year the focus will be on two very specific bathing spaces so you must choose one of the following options for your entry:

- Designing a bathroom of the future for health & well-being - we are looking for your vision of a bathroom designed to focus on the health & well-being of its users - it could be for a family or a couple.  Perhaps someone older or disabled?


- Designing a bathroom of the future around different cultural requirements.  How do these affect the most personal space of the home?  How can we tailor a bathroom to meet quite specific cultural rituals?

Underlying both options is the very real need for sustainability - from the bathroom's construction and fit-out to its ongoing efficiency.  

The contest is open to young design, product, spatial and architect students from AUT, Unitec, Massey or Otago Polytechnic only.  Entries can be made by individuals OR groups (no more than 2 people in a group).  Kohler associates and qualified professionals may not compete.

A dimensional plan should be included with illustrations of how the bathroom would look, feel and perform within the house, along with up to 800 words on the reasoning behind the ideas.  This might be a written summary and/or combined with annotated designs showing the functionality and performance of each element. 

The project must be submitted in:
- One PDF file, containing no more than 3 x pages 
- The maximum size of the PDF file will be 8MG
- The first page must include the title of the project & text with the description of the project.  The text must be no more than 800 words.

The project must be submitted to rebecca.sunderland@kohler.com.  

Bruno Chenesseau, KOHLER France, Director Kitchen & Bathroom EMEEA will review the submissions and chose the winner and runner up.  Winners will be announced later in November 2020.

Participants in the contest guarantee to KOHLER originality of their respective proposals and that each of them enjoy the unhindered exercise of the intellectual and property rights over their respective proposals.

All intellectual property rights, as well as possible industrial property rights over the projects submitted, belong exclusively to their authors.

Participants are responsible for the protection of their design submissions by copyright or patent application, prior to submitting them to the competition. 

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